Tuesday, 17 July 2012

# 185 - WAR - 148 BBC 'Stars' avoiding tax.

148 BBC 'Stars' avoiding tax -  So leads the front page of the Daily Mail today. In essence the BBC top presenters and stars are paid through 'personal service companies' which has the effect of reducing their tax bill.

Do you recall the coverage the BBC gave to the Jimmy Carr tax dodge story.


So once again the BBC shows its arrogance and proves there is one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

The BBC is quite simply not fit for purpose and needs a complete shake up and the only way to do this is to withdraw its funding via the TV licence and let it sink or swim as determined by the viewing public who could pay to view and any sponsorship they could get.

One key reform would be to tell the BBC to return to quality programme making and to leave news reporting well alone.

Of course we would need a government with the backbone to do this so for the time being the BBC's bias output will continue.

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