Sunday, 18 July 2010

# 061 WAR - The Coalition.

It is increasingly clear as pointed out in Saturday's Daily Mail that the BBC's news reporting bais has not changed since the formation of the Coalition.

They still appear to hold a light for New Labour bending over backwards to cover their leadership contest in a favourable light and over the recent Mandleson book NEVER asking any serious probing questions and certainly NEVER upsetting any New Labourite with agressive questioning.

No - agressive questioning is left for the Conservatives and now Coalition.

As we know the Coalition faces a very difficult task and it appears the BBC sees it as its job to act as the unofficial opposition highlightening the problems that lie ahead when the cuts really start to bite and NEVER informing the public that the disasterous New Labour project is the reason we are in such a mess.

As Saturday's Daily Mail pointed out in its Leader column:-

Look no further than how Thurday evening's Question Time panel was packed with anti-coalition, pro-public sector voices for an example of this bias.

The Mail applauds some of what the BBC does. But let it never be forgotten that it is the very embodiment of the public sector ethos that state bodies and quangos always need more funding, regardless of whether the money is availableand oblivious to the fact it is the hard-earned wages of the taxpayer that are being spent.

In my opinion there is NO justification for the TV licence in its current form and as a start it should be reduced at the first available opportunity.

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