Sunday, 26 June 2016

#402w - BBC back to its old tricks.

I haven't posted for some time as I was pleasantly surprised by the credible attempt the BBC made to be balanced during the referendum campaign.

However since the result they have returned to their old bad habits.

Take two examples one specific and the other general.

1. At 6am on Friday on their news bulletin they falsely and dangerously claimed that the pound had collapsed following the result.

2. In the same vein all the vox pops at the time of this entry have contained doom mongers predicting the end of the world as we know it. My belief is that the BBC have deliberately sought out these people who I would suspect would not have been that easy to find.

So I believe BBC bias is now back and I will again record examples on here as and when I can.


  1. On yesterday's Daily Politics Owen Patterson said that Project Fear had been replaced by Project Hysteria on the part of the BBC, and that it did them no good service. Jo Coburn looked shocked at the statement, before swiftly moving the conversation onwards.

  2. Radio 4 Feedback today had a complaint and a discussion amongst broadcasters, why did "we" allow "them" to get away with their lies about Brexit. No prizes for guessing what was meant by "them".

    When does reporting of complaints become an active orchestration of complaints? The BBC are very close to crossing the line.

  3. What amazes me is that anyone is still watching/listening to the BBC ! I only listen to R3 and watch RT International. Compare them to the BBC and you will see how outdated, flabby, dishonest and contemptuous the BBC is of its audience. RT, as a new broadcaster, has to win over an audience with slick, honest, and up to the minute cover of war zones etc. The BBC just goes to its archive and pulls out a piece of film which slightly resembles where they are talking about and shows it !!!

    1. I unfortunately have to watch the BBC to be able to comment on here!