Saturday, 25 October 2014

# 328 - WAR - Newsnight has lost the plot.

Newsnight has been losing viewers for some time so the BBC's answer is not to maintain QUALITY but to DUMB DOWN further.

The first move was a new editor Ian Katz and yes you guessed it straight from the loss making  Guardian :-

"Ian Katz is a South-African born British journalist who is the editor of the Newsnight current affairs programme on BBC Two. Earlier Katz followed a career in print journalism, and was previously a deputy editor of The Guardian until 2013. Wikipedia"
Next they replace Paxman with Evan Davis and now run a very silly advert to encourage viewers to watch it.
The result is last night  we get a 10 minute feature on Ebola and a 17 minute slot for Russell Brand to rant on while promoting his juvenile book on revolution.
Newsnight is no longer a 'Flagship' programme but a dumbed down typical BBC programme attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
This seems like another good reason along with the bias not to pay your TV licence.  

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