Wednesday, 9 July 2014

# 319 - WAR - BBC headcount increases since last year.

First let me address the issue that the information I often glean from a daily paper comes from the Daily Mail.

The legacy media are in many respects as bad as each other but the Daily Mail is at least a consistent critic of the BBC and for that they deserve praise. Also just for the record I happen to like the crosswords, Sudoku X, Hidato, Zygolex, 30 second Challenge, World's smallest hardest crossword and not forgetting the Doodle-Do - doing such things, so I'm told, helps keep the brain active and dementia at bay!!

Anyway yesterday they reported that the number of people employed at the BBC had risen despite repeated promises to cut staffing levels. The official figures reveal that 22,039 people work at the corporation an increase of 310 since last year.

Also it has emerged that head hunters were paid £650,000 in 2013 to fill posts across the organisation. This seems a complete waste of money given the poor quality of the BBC's top management!

With a reduced licence fee or preferably no licence fee at all the bloated and bias BBC would have to enter the real world and put its house in order.  

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