Monday, 17 March 2014

# 306 - WAR - The ingredients for a balanced report.

Let's take the forthcoming budget as a topic.

 In a balanced report would get the news item followed by a comment from the Cons/Lib Dims and another from Nu Liebour and then if applicable and time allowing a comment from the public with say two pro Tory and two pro Labour.

However I've noticed of late, as I I have so often in the past, that the sequence has been - News item critical of Coalition policy which contains a comment from the Chancellor and then as balance an interview with Balls who is allowed to spout uncontested that there is a Cost of Living crisis, that Labour will be fairer, tax the rich and generally lead us to the promised land.

Keep this in mind when you watch a news report and see if I'm not right.

This is of course political bias in favour of  the left.

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  1. Since polls show UKIP at about 2/3 of the Labour support I think anything less than close to that amount of coverage of UKIP's reaction to the budget is biased reporting.

    Actually on the basis of the "its the sun wot won it" I'd say that if UKIP was getting the coverage proportionate to its support, such support would be a minimum of 10 points ahead of where it is & the LabCons each 5% less making UKIP easily largest. Well above 10% is arguable (or indeed provable if the BBC would allow).