Sunday, 2 December 2012

# 211 - WAR - Attenborough - 60 years in the wild.

Anyone with an open mind would know that on Climate Change the BBC is bias in favour that it is happening and will do all they can to support the thesis.

So it has been with David Attenborough and the above series, especially last night, with loads of crashing glaciers into the sea (a perfectly natural annual event) and lots of comment on there being less ice in the Arctic ( nothing of course on more ice in the Antarctic) which is afterall not a continent but is actually called the Arctic OCEAN!! So so what if the Arctic goes and Greenland once again becomes green?

David Attenborough also added into the mix the worries that the loss of ice in the Arctic would cause the sea levels to rise when anyone knows that after an ice cube melts in a glass the water level actually goes down as the ice cube displaces a greater level of water than the quantity of water when melted!!

The BBC on climate change can simply never report in an unbiased way they have brought into the myth and peddle it for all its worth. 

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