Thursday, 10 May 2012

# 178 - WAR - BBC 2 - The Great Euro Crisis.

I watched the BBC2 show last night presented by Michael Portillo, the supposed Eurosceptic, and noticed that the BBC had clearly clipped his wings as the programme came out clearly for the Euro with no serious analysis that as a political project the 'Euro Elite' may wish it to work but it has NO chance.

The REAL choice is between a lot of pain now as the PIIGS are asked to leave the Euro and a great deal more pain if the Eurocrats keep trying to stick plasters over the cracks.

History teaches us that no central currency can EVER work without political union and it is clear the people of Europe won't allow that to happen without a big fight.

Things are going to get nasty before they get better - but don't expect the bias BBC to report such things.

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