Wednesday, 25 April 2012

# 176 - WAR - 2 more bits of BBC bias.

1. Emily Maitlis on Newsnight on Monday ended with this question to a NF French MEP - " So you are a Holocaust denier......." to which he replied " You are completely wrong about that I was cleared by a court on that count."

So why did she ask the question?

IMO just so the BBC can keep wearing the mantle of purger of the extreme right.

2. Steven Glover in the Daily Mail today points out that if you listened to the BBC coverage on the Housing Benefit (HB) issue you would assume HB had been cut when in fact it has gone up!

 When is the BBC going to report the facts that the government CUTS to total government spending haven't yet happened?

The trouble with being INSTITUTIONALLY bias and a general supporter of the Establishment is that until the BBC loses its licence fee they will NEVER have to face reality and can continue to live in the world of their own making aided and abetted by the Guardian.

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