Saturday, 31 March 2012

# 170 - WAR - The petrol crisis.

The lead story on the 11am news on Radio 2 today was on the petrol crisis with just one 20 second comment from a Labour MP who was asking for Francis Maude's resignation for his 'reckless' suggestion that people fill up the odd jerrycan just in case. His comments were made on the back of the person who caused a fire in her kitchen trying to decant petrol from one container to another.

The bias and dumbing down I see in this report is firstly the desire by the BBC to join in the populist stories rather than raise thier sights to news that is more worthy and secondly that they are always happy to give a Labour MP the platform and chance to criticise the Tories however shallow and absurb the reason.

The BBC is incapable of change because its bias is INSTITUTIONAL and nobody in Westminster is brave enough to point this out.

Westminster needs more INDEPENDENTS to break the hold of the LibLabCon who under their colours are all just Social Democrats with a strong emphasis on the Socialist traditions of this political movement.

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