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BBC Institutional Bias

The aim of this Blog is to help point out to the license fee payer just how Institutionally biased the BBC is in a whole number of different areas contrary to their Royal Charter.

I shall post and comment on bias which I see, hear or read about and welcome your comments and questions which I will try to respond to.

I have complained to the BBC for over 20 years and been fobbed off with their standard reply that on balance they are not bias. However the whole point about being institutionally bias is that the BBC is no longer aware how bias they are. Interestingly numerous official reports and retiring newsreaders have in recent years confirmed how and why the BBC is bias at its heart.

My frustration has led to this blog listing all the bias, however minor, I come across. If this helps you to notice their bias I would encourage you to complain to them on a regular basis.

In 2007 I withheld payment of my license and was taken to Court, in Cheltenham, where I gained a Conditional Discharge. In 2008 I moved house and again did not apply for a TV licence. Finally in September 2015 I was again taken to court, in Weston-Super-Mare, but this time was fined £800. If I had refused to pay, after that court appearance, I would have ended up paying considerably more or even in prison and felt that my point was made, for what it was worth and in the great scheme of things, and it was time to move on. The only way non payment of ones TV licence will change the BBC is if literally thousands of people up and down the country took part. To date this has never happened despite calls to do so. In the meantime I will continue this blog highlighting the BBC bias I observe and read about.

Your comments and help are most welcome and please spread the word amongst your contacts and friends providing the link to this BLOG.


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