Wednesday, 8 March 2017

# 412w - The Last Post!

I know one should never say never but as far as I am currently concerned this is to be my last post on here for the foreseeable future. let me explain why.

I have been monitoring and complaining about BBC bias, in particular on the EU, climate change and the left of centre of our politics, since the 1980s. I have refused to pay my TV licence on two occasions as I argued that their bias showed they were not honouring their Royal Charter and thus I had no obligation to pay their licence. These stands resulted in two court appearances. On the first I received a conditional discharge and the second a £800 fine. Fortunately my fine was less than the accumulated licence fee I owed! Anyway I now have a licence, as my card is marked, and while Magistrates treat non payment of a TV licence as a strict 'liability offence' non payers will NEVER beat the system.

While I and many others are in no doubt the BBC is bias writing this blog, which I start in January 2009, will not in itself change a thing - if only it had that power! It is of course particularly frustrating when so many 'insiders', on leaving the BBC, admit just how bias the institution is and some like Andrew Marr still even work for it!

This blog will of course remain as a source for reference but in the meantime I need to concentrate on my other project which is to promote The Harrogate Agenda which I helped set up in 2012. Our aim is the reform of our system of governance to give the people a far greater say, when appropriate, on the way we are governed. We have a website and blog here, which sadly doesn't convert into a useable link since I updated my computer, but simply google The Harrogate Agenda and up it comes.

The Harrogate Agenda is I believe the only way we will ultimately tame the BBC because with our six demands we set out very clearly how the will of the people can no longer be ignored and so it would always be possible to hold any institution to account if enough people made a stand.

If anyone wants to get in touch you can contact me off The Harrogate Agenda website.

Finally thank you for your support over the years.

Niall Warry


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  2. Hi,
    I keep returning to this site in the hope that Niall will find a new lease of energy and continue his fight for balance and integrity in the BBC.
    Consider the excellent Juliet Stevenson movie THE MARCH 1hr54mins long believed to be one of the most expensive productions the BBC had ever made when it was shown ONCE in 1990!
    For details of the movie and links see:

    That it has been pulled from You Tube and seemes and has never been readily available on VHS at the time nor on DVD subsequently looks all too much like censorship!
    It looks as if this superb and prophetic movie no longer suits the BBC Bias, its obvious left wing clap trap and its endless propaganda and clear pro EU stance in defiance of the democratic vote for BreXit.
    Surely, we who are forced to fund the EU subsidised BBC out of our taxes AND pay an annual tax to support them should expect ethical integrity and not PC propaganda and censorship for OUR money!
    IF this policy is allowed to continue are we to expect book burning next?
    We already have people like Robin Page, David Belamy and others forcedf off of the airwaves for having the timerity to put a balanced and reasoned view of the causes of Climate Change and Global Warming.
    When were the alternative facts presented to balance the propaganda the BBC wishes to promote?
    Do please try to find the time and energy to keep presenting the facts of BBC Bias Niall.

  3. It would be nice of you could actually use the correct form of 'bias' in your diatribe i.e. biased (with a 'ed') In the meantime, just read the Daily Mail.