Wednesday, 25 April 2012

# 176 - WAR - 2 more bits of BBC bias.

1. Emily Maitlis on Newsnight on Monday ended with this question to a NF French MEP - " So you are a Holocaust denier......." to which he replied " You are completely wrong about that I was cleared by a court on that count."

So why did she ask the question?

IMO just so the BBC can keep wearing the mantle of purger of the extreme right.

2. Steven Glover in the Daily Mail today points out that if you listened to the BBC coverage on the Housing Benefit (HB) issue you would assume HB had been cut when in fact it has gone up!

 When is the BBC going to report the facts that the government CUTS to total government spending haven't yet happened?

The trouble with being INSTITUTIONALLY bias and a general supporter of the Establishment is that until the BBC loses its licence fee they will NEVER have to face reality and can continue to live in the world of their own making aided and abetted by the Guardian.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

# 175 - WAR - French General Election coverage.

On the news at 10 tonight on BBC1 the coverage of the GE included a piece on the far right and far left.
Both had shots of their respective leaders making speeches from their platflorms but only one of the two had an interview with an English speaking french person.

Who do you think the interviewee was from the left or right???

Of course she was from the LEFT with the extract used including a good old left's bashing of the rich!!

This is how the BBC subtly imposes its bias on us all.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

#174 - WAR - BBC 1 Country File.

I'm sure even dumbed down as it is the BBC likes to consider Country File on BBC 1, on Sunday night, as a factual programme that gives us the FACTS.

Well tonight the first half of the hour long programme covered the topic of wind farms in this country and of course treated the subject as a given that they are necessary. The only issue they covered on the down side, to attempt to provide some balance, was whether the VISUAL IMPACT of wind farms was a problem.

So the bias BBC, which undoubtedly is on the side of the Establishment in supporting wind farms, doesn't ask the real question which is :-


The trouble is if they covered this subject they would have to interview those of us who KNOW they do NOT work.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

# 173 -WAR - Big Brother -continued........

Richard North continues to point out how the Main Stream Media are ignoring the EU elephant in the room, as they usually do, with regards this recent discussion about the new Government policy to monitor all electronic communications traffic.

The bias, dumbed down and pro Establishment BBC is following the herd and blathering on about civil liberties and trying to portray the Government as being over the top on this issue.

The real scandal is that this Government, being a signed up member of the EU, has no choice in this matter and, as with so much else, has to do what the EU tells it.

Still we know as a fact the BBC is bias in favour of the EU which is compounded because they receive soft loans from the EU so are not expected to give the EU a hard time. 

Monday, 2 April 2012

# 172 - WAR - Teenage boy kills mother with hammer.

This was covered in the 6 pm news on Radio 4 without ANY analysis of the obvious point that the murderer admitted that he was influenced by TV story lines.

Given the BBC's Eastenders is now full of violent story lines is it any wonder the BBC would wish to stay clear of opening this topic up to debate and discussion.

So no surprise that this is another example of  bias and selective reporting by the BBC.

# 171 - WAR - E-mail monitoring.

On Radio 4 this morning there was a lengthy news item about the Government's plans to seek major changes to our surveillance laws which will give the government the power to monitor email exchanges and website visits of every person in the UK.

Richard North in the link below points out the highly probable connection between this move by the Government and the need for us to comply with an EU Regulation.

The BBC, who receive soft loans from the EU, of course made NO mention of this.

More bias from the BBC.