Thursday, 26 February 2015

# 343 - WAR - And there's more.

Three more stories today:-

1. MPs report -A 166 page report by MPs on the future of the BBC says "the corporation has squandered hundreds of million pounds, handing out sky-high pay-offs to sacked staff and wasting massive sums on vanity projects."

Of course we all knew that already it's only OUR money after all.

2. BBC commissioned survey - Yesterday a BBC commissioned survey found that the overwhelming majority of British Muslims oppose violence against people who publish images depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Something of course the typically pro multicultural and PC BBC did not seriously cover was that the same survey revealed that  27% of Muslims questioned said they had some sympathy for the recent attacks on the satirical magazine Charles Hebdo in Paris, in which 11 people died.

3. Jimmy Saville - How convenient for the BBC today to major on the scandal of Jimmy Saville in NHS hospitals without one mention that they were as culpable in NOT bringing him to justice.

And as Richard Littlejohn might say "and I still don't pay my TV licence!"

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

# 342 - WAR - When will the BBC 'Get it' ?

The answer to the question in the title is NEVER so long as they have the licence fee which enables them to lead a lavish style at our expense.

Just in the last few days we have the following stories from the press:-

1. Taxis -   In the year 2013-14 they spent 11.9 million on taxis up 1.2 million over the last two years.

2. Swearing - Wolf Hall contained the C word in the last episode.

3. Sir Cliff Richards - An independent report by former Chief Constable Andy Trotter concludes that Sir Cliff had his privacy violated after a secret deal between the police and the BBC to film a raid on is house over the alleged assault on a minor back in 1985. Sir Cliff denies the charge.

4. Country file - Christopher Booker today writes in the Daily Mail on the bias of the BBC's flagship programme country file. He cites two CLASSIC examples.

a. Decline in farmland birds - They will ONLY talk about the loss of habitat and the use of chemicals on the land but skirt over and avoid ANY mention on the far bigger problem of an increase in predators such as magpies, sparrowhawks and buzzards but just as significantly foxes, mink and badgers.

b. Growth of windfarms - The programme and its main reporter on this subject Tom Heap are clearly pro windfarms seldom if EVER mentioning the key issue that when the wind doesn't blow no electricity is generated and that they kill numerous birds and bats.

The BBC provides a platform for the likes of the now totally PC RSPB and RSPCA and other like minded green pressure groups. Christopher Booker concludes 'In reality, nature and the countryside are far more complicated, But the fluffy-headed environmentalists in charge of Countryfile never want to tell us that. They have found that the secret to bumper viewing figures is to sell us a pleasingly make-believe image which in many respects is no more than a beguiling but, in fact, rather nasty fake.'  

The BBC don't live in the real world but in a highly privileged position, using our money, in which they promote their 'Guardian' agenda on the rest of us and ignore any pleas to change their ways.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

# 341 - WAR - Report say BBC is bias over immigration.

Campaign group Migration Watch has released a report today which outlines that a shortage of resources,  was a key reason the Tories had failed to hit their target to cut immigration. The budget of £1.8 billion, to secure our borders, is six times less than the £12 billion budget for overseas aid.

The report also blamed the pressure put on Westminster by liberals to continue the policy of large scale immigration. It went on to say their is a strong bias in the BBC in favour of immigration, combined with a reluctance even to address the case for reducing immigration.

The article  ends by reminding us that a string of senior BBC figures including head of radio Helen Boaden, who used to be director of news, have admitted the Corporation held a "deep liberal bias" in its coverage of immigration.


Monday, 2 February 2015

#340 - WAR - The BBC at its best and worst.

On Saturday night at 9 PM on BBC 2 there was an excellent programme on 'The secret world of Lewis Carroll' which studied his life and in particular how he came to write Alice in Wonderland.

The programme lasted an hour but over a third of it explored the case as to whether there was anything 'odd' with his dealings with children - this bit being the BBC at its worse.

Nothing concrete was produced, concerning his relationship with children, other than he was clearly enamoured with the 3 daughters of  the Dean at Oxford and in particular of course Alice. The only 'proof,' if you can call it that, that there was anything 'sexual', was the fact that he took photographs of young girls including of course Alice.

However I have discovered that only 50% of his photographic work includes children, some admittedly in naked poses, but this is based on the fact that around 60% of his work is missing.  Also, and to be fair it was briefly mentioned, Lewis Carroll lived from 1832 to 1898 when until 1875 the age of consent was 12 then rising to 13 and in 1885 rising to 16.

So why spend over 20 minutes of the programme exploring this 'secret' when it appears, based on the values at the time, nothing was really amiss. Of course the BBC couldn't resist getting Will Self to actually say he must have been a 'repressed paedophile' but none of the other commentators thought so including somebody who had studied him for 40 years.

Perhaps the BBC, after their culpability in the Jimmy Saville saga, reckons its fair game to tar others with the same brush even though in this case we are talking about the mid to late 1800s.