Monday, 26 October 2009

#War - 049 - Daily Mail on the BBC Question Time debate with the BNP.

On Friday 23rd October in the second Leader article the Daily Mail hit the nail right on the head undr the heading - The bare-faced BBC.

It started - TALK about bare-faced hypocrsy.

In the Leader the Daily Mail points out how the Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson claims that he had no choice but to invite Nick Griffin onto Question Time because of the Corporation's " central principle of political impartiality"

Pity the Leader goes onto say that the BBC has trod this principle into the dirt and is so impartial and bias on the following issues :-

  • Utterly in thrall to the left-wing agenda of its staff.
  • Until recently censored debate on immigration.
  • Treats Global Warming with th4e fervour of a religion.
  • Biased against the Eurosceptic position.
  • Promotes alternative lifestyles and minority groups against traditional values.
  • Doesn't give much time to Christianity,capitalism or the countryside.
The Daily Mail concludes :-
"Whatever the rights and wrongs of letting Mr Griffin onto QT, the BBC can't pretend that some sacred principle of political impartiality had anything to do with it."

Thursday, 22 October 2009

# War 048 - 4 star hypocrisy shown over BNP on Question Time.

All day Mark Byford the BBC's Deputy has been popping up on the BBC news saying that it is not the BBC's job to censor Nick Griffin and keep him off air. He went on that the BBC had to honour its charter and allow his voice and views to be heard.

Isn't it a pity that the BBC censors on a daily basis the increasing number of scientist and people who believe that the whole Climate Change scare is a complete scam.

The BBC is institutionally bias over climate change supporting the line that it IS manmade and if we don't take action we are doomed!

The hypocrisy of the BBC is simply amazing.