Thursday, 14 May 2009

# War 036 - Climate change.

On the 10 o'clock BBC1 News on Wednesday 13th May 2009 there was an item on the Artic ice caps.

An expert was asked how long before the Artic ice caps completely melt in the summer and he gave it 20 years.

Well there are plenty of experts who disagree with this but the bias BBC never gives them any air time yet continues chanting the mantra that climate change is happening and is going to be a problem we must deal with.

By the way even if the Climate Change alarmists are right Greenland used to be green so what is the problem if more ice does melt!?

# War 035 - Muslim is new head of BBC Religious Affairs.

With 70% of the adult population claiming to be Christian the BBC thinks it is suitable to appoint Aaquil Ahmed, a practising Muslim, to be the new head of Religious Affairs.

This is NOTHING to do with Ahmed's capabilities as he is a good producer but it is so typical of the PC BBC to make this appointment.

The BBC supports and is bias towards the failed concept of 'Multiculturalism'.

# War 034 - Muslim to top BBC post.

# War 033 - Newsnight's Immigrant Song Contest.

Sorry but I have to ask what the heck is that all about?!?!?!?!?!?

Not so much a situation of bias but clearly a dumbing down and frankly completely unsuitable to one of the BBC's top news programmes.

Friday, 8 May 2009

# War 032 - New Labour's umemployment record.

The unemployment level in 1997, when New Labour came to power, was in fact 1.6 million and falling and not 3 million as constantly espoused by New Labour.

Does the bias BBC ever pick up on this and correct New Labour?

NO NEVER - you have more chance of seeing a pig fly than the BBC being even handed.

# War 031 - The Bono's Broadcasting Corporation!!!

During the forthcoming Radio 4 poetry reading schedule the BBC are sounding very excited with the 850 line epic poem called 'Elvis - American David' which will be read by the author of the poem U2's Bono!!! It is complete rubbish of course and coming after the free publicity of the U2 concert on ther top of broadcasting house I suggest yet another title for the bias BBC should be Bono's Broadcasting Corporation!! Bono clearly is one of the BBC's favourite left wing luvies at the moment as he jets around the world between his numerous homes trying to save the planet!!!!!!!!!
This new title adds to its others. The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation for its pro EU output and the Bias Broadcasting Corporation for its regular supplies of bias on any number of subjects.

# War 030 - British manufactoring

In all the recent discussions on the BBC as to whether the financial problems we face started under Margaret Thatcher the bias BBC constantly ignore the facts. Here a just a few examples the BBC chooses to overlook.
1. In 2007 twice as many cars were produced in Britain as in early 1970s.
2. Manufacturing still employs 3 million people.
3.Our manufacturing still accounts for half our exports.
4. We are the world leading producers of chemicals, green technologies and electrical and optical equipment.
5. We are home to two of the world's largest pharmaceutical groups GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca.
6.Our aerospace industry is second only to the USA.

Not a bad picture really but this doesn't suit the bias BBC which still want people to believe our manufacturing base never recovered after Margaret Thatcher's forced our economy to face the realities of the global market.

Friday, 1 May 2009

# War 029 - BBC reporter bias.

BBC Middle East editor criticised

Jeremy Bowen's article looked at the legacy of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War
The body which oversees the BBC on behalf of its audiences has criticised an article by the BBC's Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen.
The BBC Trust said a piece in 2007 for the News website on the 1967 war broke the corporation's rules on accuracy.
It also partially upheld a complaint that the article breached guidelines on impartiality.
In reply, BBC News said Jeremy Bowen had been exercising his professional judgement on history.
The Trust also took issue with a suggestion by Jeremy Bowen in a piece on Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent that the Har Homa settlement was considered illegal by the United States.
The committee found that he should have sourced his comment, or stated that it was what officials felt privately but couldn't say.
At the same time, the Trust accepted that he had been informed of the American position by an authoritative source, whom he wished to protect.
Other Interpretations
The website article, headlined How 1967 defined the Middle East, was part of the coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Middle East war.
The Trust said the language used by Jeremy Bowen in the article had in three instances not been sufficiently clear and precise to meet the corporation's standards on accuracy.
It also partially upheld a complaint that the article breached guidelines on impartiality for failing to reflect that there were other interpretations of the causes and effects of the war.
The Trust's editorial standards committee upheld a complaint that the phrase "the Israeli generals... had been training to finish the unfinished business of Israel's independence war of 1948 for most of their careers" was inaccurate.
The committee said the phrase had not been specific enough and should have made reference to the capture of East Jerusalem.
The Trust also said a reference to Zionism's "innate instinct to push out the frontier" should have been qualified to make it precise and clear.
The article's suggestion that the settlement of land occupied by Israel in 1967 was in defiance of 'everyone's interpretation of international law except its own' was also criticised as for not being clear enough.
The committee noted that Jeremy Bowen had said that, in the context of the piece, "everyone" referred to states and international organisations, not to individual academics.
In its defence of the web article, BBC News said the Trust's conclusion was "a single, partially upheld finding related to one piece of output about events that took place over 40 years ago.
"Jeremy Bowen was simply exercising his professional judgement on history. Clearly there is no consensus view of history and it is self evident that there are others who have a different analysis."
The BBC also stated that an independent inquiry in 2006 had found little to suggest deliberate or systematic bias in BBC reporting of Israel and the Palestinians and that there was evidence of a commitment to be fair, accurate and impartial.
Full details are posted here.