Friday, 25 April 2014

# 312 - WAR - BBC Proms dumbing down again.

I know this blog is  called BBC Institutional Bias but it now could just as easily be called BBC Institutionally Dumbed Down.

Following on from last years two rappers and a punk band this years proms is schedules to include pop star Paloma Faith (who is she?) Rufus Wainwright and the Pet Shop Boys.

The BBC is in a spiral of intellectual decline that mirrors the dumbed down society in which we now live.

This is supposedly being done to attracted a younger audience but why should the proms necessarily set out to attract a younger audience especially if that involves dumbed down gimmicks.

The BBC used to set the agenda now it just follows as it mirrors every popular trend and fashion.

# 311 - WAR - BBC report is bias.

Unsurprisingly a report commissioned by the BBC, lead by an insider, came to the conclusion the BBC is NOT bias in its reporting on EU matters.

Friday, 18 April 2014

# 310 - WAR - Now even Paxman criticises the BBC.

Jeremy Paxman now joins other distinguished and long serving BBC presenters in criticising the BBC.

From memory the list includes :-

John Humphrys
David Dimbleby
Michael Buerk
Peter Sissons

Well they cannot all be wrong can they

Paxman's complaints include the following:-

1. 60 million golden goodbyes
2. How the BBC distorts the market and undermines commercial rivals
3. Waste as in the £100 million Digital Media Initiative
4. Poor BBC management
5. Funding for the likes of Radio 1 which the private sector can and do cover.
6. Unnecessary web presence
7. How it challenges the country's press through publicly funded news websites.

So quite a lot to be getting on with there and of course nothing that I haven't covered on this blog.

IMO the changes to the BBC will be gradual and will be brought about by the gradual reduction in the value of the licence fee. Sweeping and dramatic change is simply not the way the BBC does business.