Tuesday, 28 August 2012

# 194 - WAR - Springwatch Guide to Seabirds.

After many years of not bothering to officially complain to the BBC, because their replies are totally evasive and non committal,  I have again this week complained about a very specific point raised on the above programme.

They claimed that seabird numbers were falling in the North Sea due to the sea temperature rising.

Now I happen to believe from what I have read that this is simply not true so I've asked them to tell me what piece of evidence they have used to make this statement. Sea temperatures have in fact NOT risen at all.

So far to my e-mail complaint I have had a reply which does not answer my specific question so I have no written and asked the same question again.

The BBC is still as bias as it ever was especially being pro Climate Change, the EU and the Left of centre in British politics.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

# 193 - WAR - BBC Business News website.

On the BBC Business news website is a guide to the causes of the Eurozone crisis. It blames the build up of debts in Spain and Italy but says it 'had noting to do with governments'.

Those at fault apparently were the private sector - companies and mortgage borrowers who took out unaffordable loans leading to a 'debt-fuelled boom.'

So the BBC Business website attaches no blame to the Greek government that cooked the books to enter the Euro or to the Spanish and Italian governments which spent money they hadn't got.

This reporting is pure 100% bias.

The BBC loves to hit the private sector if it can while parading its Guardian credentials.

# 192 - WAR - Conservative Party to monitor the BBC.

I go away fro a week and come back to the story that Iain Duncan Smith has accused the BBC's economic editor Stephanie Flanders of 'peeing all over British business'

Rather than just report the improving unemployment figures she sought to claim that there was really 'hidden unemployment lurking behind the statistics.'

So the Conservatives are going to monitor the BBC closely for bias especially up to the forthcoming conference season.

I've been doing this for years and can confirm the BBC is definately bias in its reporting. The trouble is the Conservatives don't have the bottle for the fight to prove this fact so the BBC will continue in its left of centre bias and I'll keep pointing it out. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

# 191 - WAR - Cigarette packaging.

On Radio 4 this morning we had an example of vintage and classic BBC bias.

During the am Today programme they had an item on the pros and cons of blank cigarette packaging. Meeting their requirement for unbias reporting they jointly interviewed two people a lady who argued that blank packaging would reduce the take up in smoking and a man who argued that there was no evidence of this and said packaging was simply a means to attract smokers to switch brands.

I believe they finished the news item with the lady who was pro blank packaging an age old trick the BBC frequently employ to leave the listener with the view they support!

Anyway at the News at 9am, after the Today programme had finished, they ran the item on cigarette packaging and ONLY played the clip of the lady from the earlier interview who was pro the introduction of blank packaging.

I would predict the left wing collective mind of the BBC would be in favour of the introduction of blank packaging so this news item was bias pure and simple with not even a reference to their being to sides to this story let alone a clip form the man interviewed earlier.

The BBC, with the Guardian at hand, every day works out its view on the news items of the day and then sets out to promote its view of the world.

Interestingly, as I've recorded before, the Guardian readership continues its steady decline not that listening to the BBC you would be aware of this as they continue to promote the outpourings from this very left of centre intelligentsia lead newspaper.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

# 190 - WAR - Limpiks continued!

The games aren't even over and Newsnight  on BBC 2 tonight finds time to run its first item on elitism in Olympic sports and how rowing, sailing and riding aren't open to poor kids.

What utter nonsense if the parents and schools support their children and make sacrifices then joining a rowing or sailing club is cheaper than a gym, and you don't need to own a horse to muck out at a stables and start at the bottom and work up.

How typical of the bias and very elite BBC to bang the leftwing drum for the poor's lack of participation in the Limpiks!!

How truly bias and pathetic.

PS. To prove my point of the two women Dressage Gold medal winners Charlotte Dujardin was not advantaged and Laura Bechtolsheimer was privileged. 

# 189 - WAR - The Limpiks!!

The BBC is wrong says Daniel Hannan in the Daily Mail today as the Olympics are a victory for conservative values and not multiculturalism. He points out the games are about Britishness, patriotism, family values and competitiveness.

So typically the Radio 4 presenter Evan Davis asked Boris Johnson whether the Conservatives were as comfortable as Labour supporters with the Games being a "really fantastic advert for multicultural, multiethnic Britain."

As DH says " It's a typical BBC tactic to rattle off Multi-cultural-Multi-ethnic as though it were a single word, a single concept. In fact, the Olympics Games celebrate the precise opposite of multiculturalism.

The BBC has learnt nothing and still in the main pushes the Guardian view of the world.

As I keep saying nothing will change until the license fee tax is ended.

# 188 - WAR - Lib Dims retaliate.

Have you noticed how the BBC are reporting the whole issue of the bust up in the Coalition as the Lib Dims being in the right and the Conservative party in the wrong.

It is not as simple as this apparently as the Lords reform was not actually specified in the Coalition Agreement apart from a commitment to look at the issue.

However I guess if the Tory party are  so wet they are not prepared to come out fighting then be it on thier own head.

Even so the BBC has a duty to report the facts in an unbiased way and on this issue as with so many others they have clearly come out against their old foe the Conservative party. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

#187 WAR - BBC still don't get it if they ever will.

So this is how the BBC thinks your money should be spent!


So long as the BBC is shielded from reality by the license fee they hare NEVER going to change.