Sunday, 30 December 2012

# 214 - WAR - Michael Buerk on the BBC

Michael Buerk joined the BBC in 1970 quitting his £175,000 a year job in 2002 but still continues to be employed by the BBC on Radio 4 with his programmes the Moral Maze and The Choice.

So his articles in the Sunday Mail today criticising the BBC's dumbed down coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and its general bias carries a great deal of weight.

Here is his take on news readers:-

" You get a great deal of money, you have very little work to do and don't need a brain. There are some real lame-brains doing it.

It is the only job that actually requires no talent at all. If you can read out loud, you can do it."

He of course should have added that they must read and take note of the loss making Guardian, support the EU, climate change and the left of centre of British politics!!

Michael Buerk is of course 100% right the BBC is bias which is why I don't pay my TV licence.

Friday, 7 December 2012

# 213 - WAR - Evan Davis Radio 4 presenter.

The Conservative party has complained to the BBC about a 13 minute interview between Evan Davis and George Osborne on Thursday morning Radio 4's news programme. Evan Davis continually interrupted The Chancellor, was extremely aggressive and used on more than one occasion the phase " let's not waste any more time on it" when he hadn't allowed is question to be answered.

My question is very simple can anyone name a single interview in the past 10 years when the BBC have ever been that rude to a Labour politician?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

# 212 - WAR - The sacred Guardian newspaper!

The Guardian newspaper is read by a declining readership and as a business is I believe a loosing money.

BBC journalists use it as their default point of view despite the fact it represents such a very small proportion of our population.

During the review of the newspapers on BBC 2's Newsnight at the end of the show the Guardian gets a far greater showing than the the far more popular Daily Mail - if you don't believe me clock it for yourself!

Tonight on the 6 and 10 O'clock news on the item showing the Editors leaving Downing Street 3 Editors were asked for their comments and the longest of the three, which include the journalist and Editor side by side, was the one with the Guardian which was also the third and last thus leaving the viewer with the image of the Guardian Editor.

This is subtle bias but bias none the less!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

# 211 - WAR - Attenborough - 60 years in the wild.

Anyone with an open mind would know that on Climate Change the BBC is bias in favour that it is happening and will do all they can to support the thesis.

So it has been with David Attenborough and the above series, especially last night, with loads of crashing glaciers into the sea (a perfectly natural annual event) and lots of comment on there being less ice in the Arctic ( nothing of course on more ice in the Antarctic) which is afterall not a continent but is actually called the Arctic OCEAN!! So so what if the Arctic goes and Greenland once again becomes green?

David Attenborough also added into the mix the worries that the loss of ice in the Arctic would cause the sea levels to rise when anyone knows that after an ice cube melts in a glass the water level actually goes down as the ice cube displaces a greater level of water than the quantity of water when melted!!

The BBC on climate change can simply never report in an unbiased way they have brought into the myth and peddle it for all its worth. 

Friday, 30 November 2012

# 210 - WAR - Press regulation - Leveson.

It is completely unacceptable and bias for BBC journalist, reporters and programme makers to allow Ed Miliband to get away with saying Cameron, who says he doesn't want to even underpin the new press complaints body with government legislation, is letting down the victims of hacking.

Hacking was CRIMINAL and should have NOTHING to do with considerations for the new press regulations.

To allow such shoddy and bias editing to only broadcast Ed Miliband comments without question is institutional bias pure and simple.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

# 209 - WAR - The BBC's dirty little secret.

Christopher Booker on the BBC's secret:-

The BBC is heading for more and more exposure of its bias.

There has never been a better time not to pay your TV licence.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

# 208 - WAR - Ongoing bias on Thatcher.

This is a great quote from Peter Sissons' article in the Daily Mail yesterday which is referred to in post 207 below:-

" The Lord McAlpine smear may have been a one-off. The bias against Margaret Thatcher is ongoing."

And Peter Sissons should know having spent 20 years as a presenter and 5 years as chairman of Question Time.

Never has there been a better time not to pay your TV licence as the BBC has a Royal Charter to report in an unbias way and yet in watching the BBC you get a left of centre political bias, a pro EU bias and a pro climate change bias to name the main 3.

I don't pay my TV licence and they seem to have gone very quiet in chasing for payment - I wonder why?!

They are guilty of bias and it may just be sinking into their liberal elite left of centre heads that they are.

However changing this is going to be impossible as turkeys will NEVER vote for Christmas!!

# 207 - WAR - Was the BBC's blind hatred of Mrs T to blame?

Simon Heffer asks this question here:-

The answer is of course too bloody right!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

# 206 - WAR - The BBC hates Conservatives.

Cameron of course is not a Conservative so he gets a relatively free ride but the likes of Lord Mc Alpine and Thatcher are classic hate figures within the BBC and so are fair game as often as they can be brought onto the airwaves.

This would explain why Newsnight would have jumped at the chance to broadcast the story about Mc Alpine and why on the Jeremy Vine show on an item on who people burn on their bonfires we had the obligatory caller who said they always burn Thatcher.

What about those of us who would like to burn Blair or Brown - we never seem to get a mention!

The trouble with the BBC is that it has a left of centre bias in its DNA and is summarised brilliantly by James Delingpole here:-

 Is the BBC toast? I wish!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

# 205 - WAR - A further week of bias.

1. Reports of recession end - Typically each report on the statistics always included the loss of 1400 jobs to Turkey from the Ford van factory. However no surprise that the BBC didn't comment on the soft EU loan to Turkey to help their Ford factory take our jobs. The BBC of course has had soft EU loans and seldom likes to report the EU in a bad light.

2. Ash disease - Most reports during the week on this ended with a mention of global warming. Trouble is the world's temperatures have NOT risen in the last 15 years.

3. Andrew Marr's Start the Week - The panelists for this radio 4 Monday programme on Torture included:-
Ian Coburn - Guardian reporter (of course!) and author of 'Cruel Britannia'
David Anderson - QC
Clare Bayley - play write of play on Rendition
MR Hall - Crime writer
 The programme did little if anything to quantify the degrees of torture around the world but concentrated on the 5 British techniques of :-
1. Sleep deprivation
2. Starving
3. Hooding
4. Stress position
5. Subject to noise
There was also apparently an unwritten 6th technique which involved beatings if the subject refused to adopt the stress position.

Now while this is officially torture it is hardly on a par with finger nail extraction and should a book about this be titled 'Cruel Britannia'?

I'm against all torture as it doen't work but the BBC were bias in their selective coverage of torture and the clear assumption from the report that Britain was guilty of torture on a par with more severe regimes.

4. Hurricane Sandy - Most reports like the one at 8.57am on Radio 4 on 29th October comment on climate change yet as I say in 2 above the climate hasn't changed in the last 15 years.

5. Newsnight Thursday 3rd November - on an item on tax issues the 54 year old economist Richard Murphy whose report from his 'Tax Justice Network' was the subject of the discussion was excluded on gender equality issues!
The panelist assembled by the BBC included:-
Miss Dinsey - Fashion blogger
Miss O'Hagen - Junior colleague of Mr Murphy
Mr Dodwell - Deloittes
Typical politically correct bias from our Auntie!!

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

# 204 - WAR - More on Jimmy Savile

I find it so ironic that the Guardian reading BBC, who for years have embraced and promoted the whole mantra surrounding the 'swinging sixties' of free love etc has finally been hoisted buy its own petard. Those of us of a more 'conservative' disposition have long known you can NOT have your cake and eat it  and so the BBC rooks, over Jimmy Savile, are coming home to roost!!

The new Director General says as much when he says the BBC 'system' was at fault. The trouble is, like trying to turn around a supertanker, it takes a long time and I'm certain the BBC will NOT be able to reform itself as its 'faults' are far too ingrained.

Interesting I also note that the producer Peter Rippon of the cancelled Newsnight programme has only stepped aside and has not gone - how typical is that!!

Let me repeat what I said in in post #203.

A major point about the BBC which has, as I so often say, bias in its DNA is that it is a big part of our existing 'Establishment.' Therefore the BBC is bloated & over manned, out of touch, isolated in its left of centre bubble, corrupted and therefore divorced from us ordinary folk.

The BBC will NOT be able to reform itself as it is far too far down the road of being a complete law unto itself.

# 203 -WAR - Palestine 'good' Israel 'bad'!!

Today on the Radio 2 morning news I heard  another, often repeated, example of subtle bias from the BBC.

The report involved 2 Palestinian's and Jews injured after the Jews retaliated with air strikes after 50 rockets had been fired from Palestine into Israel.

The news item went something like this:-

" 2 Palestinians died after airstrikes from Israel which were in retaliation for 50 rockets fired into Israel which injured 2 Jews."

Those just catching the news headlines may well have only heard that 2 Palestinians had been killed by Israel.

In my opinion it would be less bias of the BBC to have started with an explanation as to how the Palestinians are STILL subjecting Israel to regular rocket attacks.

A major point about the BBC which has, as I so often say, bias in its DNA is that it is a big part of our existing 'Establishment.' Therefore the BBC is bloated & over manned, out of touch, isolated in its left of centre bubble, corrupted and therefore divorced from us ordinary folk.

The BBC will NOT be able to reform itself as it is far too far down the road of being a complete law unto itself.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

# 202 - WAR - A week of more bias!!

I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy organising the 2nd meeting of the Harrogate Agenda but of course NOTHING changes as the BBC continues its relentless outpourings of bias.

Here are a few examples from this week:-

1. Badger cull - Peter Kendall the President of the NFU has complained that the reporting has been bias against the cull.

Well there is a surprise!!

The Guardian reading BBC journalists and reporters live and breathe let wing lovey causes.

2.BBC and Jimmy Savile - Newsnight investigation on JS was axed for editorial reasons.

I bet it was as the BBC appears to be totally culpable in its handingly of this affair over the many years JS worked and was lauded at the BBC and the people to blame are the senior management.

3. Eric Hobsbawm  - The BBC grieved the death of Marist EH but of course made no mention that he hated Britain, excused Stalin's genocide and might even have been a traitor as he knew Blunt and Burgess.

EH also told a blatant lie in one of his books that the USSR only used minimal force to maintain their communist system between 1957 - 1989.

He also underplayed  the Soviet attack of Finland in 1939-40 saying it was a little border dispute and omitted to mention the 20,000 massacre of Polish soldiers by Russian Secret Servive at Katyn and dismissed Soviet violence on Poles in Warsaw in 1944.

The left wing BBC needs its heros and never let the facts get in the way of promoting those they say are their own.

4. Train Franchise - A £40 million cock up is bad but how does it compare to the £10 billion NHS computer cock up which happened under New Labour?

Of course the BBC make NO mention of this!

5. Newsnight review of the newspapers   - On Wednesday the programme ended with The Guardian followed by the Independent then the Express and finally the Financial Times.

All 4 are at the bottom end of the distribution league and of course no mention of the Daily Mail the paper with the highest distribution.

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

Friday, 21 September 2012

# 201 - WAR - Andrew Mitchell Tory MP.

Lets look at the first three news items today on the BBC 1 Six O'clock News.

Item 1 - Trial of murderer of the two policewomen
Item 2 - Andrew Michell supposedly calling a Downing street policeman a pleb.
Item 3 - Riots in Pakistan.

What the hell is the item 2 doing in the news at all let alone the second story?

BBC blatant bias that is why they never miss a chance to hit Tory toff if the can.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

# 200 - WAR - Trouble on the Estate.

On Wednesday the 12th of September I read in the Telegraph about a forthcoming BBC Panorama programme to come our soon called 'Trouble on the Estate'.

It depicts the disfunctional life on a particular estate in Blackburn but  the article explains how the BBC has been bias in its coverage and has exclude any of the normal life on the estate and concentrates on the bad.

This is bias reporting pure and simple and the estate is apparently up in arms about the production.

The BBC has of course defended the programme and says it needs to be watched before commenting.

 However if the reporting is bias then the viewing public will not be making a judgement on the programme based on seeing two sides of the story.

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

# 199 - WAR - Photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Letter to Daily Telegraph Sept 15th.

I am in a rage. The BBC has been giving so much coverage to the story published in France that it willgive the magazine huge publicity.

Caroline Bower
London SW12.

There is NO surprise to those who know about the BBC as being Republicans at heart the BBC will do anything to harm our monarch.

#198 - WAR - Thatcher hate boxes.

With regards my post 197 below isn't it funny how on the very day the press report the sale of promotional boxes at the TUC conference to celebrate (sic) Thacher's death the Jeremy Vine show clears the decks to lead on this story.

The BBC like all good left wingers hate Thatcher.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

# 197 - WAR - Tutu refuses to meet Blair.

I wonder how many are aware that on the 28th August Desmond Tutu refused to share a platform with Tony Blair because of his involvement in the Iraq war.

You can find this on the BBC website if you search but to my knowledge this story did not make the main news.

I just wonder is Tutu had refused to share a platform with Margret Thatcher whether the BBC would have lead with this story?

Tony is an ideal BBC type and the BBC protect their own.

The BBC is also bias by omission.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

# 196 - WAR - The Arctic's ice melt.

My God I'm tired of this endless BBC bias over climate change but last night Peter Lilley MP confronted Paxman on Newsnight head on and scored a direct hit!

It was great to watch!!

Peter Lilley had been invited on with the new Green's leader to discuss Arctic ice melting. The discussion was preceded by a Newsnight clip which basically said the Arctic summer ice melt was a danger to the world.

Lilley first point out that he had been invited on to discuss on  issue while the 'clip' covered another. He also pointed out how the main contributor to the 'clip' was a known alarmist and so the clip was bias.

Well there is a surprise the BBC is of course 100% biased in favour of climate change.

The facts are the Arctic ice always melts in summer always has and always will. Whether it is any more so now is totally open to debate what I do know from Ian Pilmer is that we are currently in an ice age. Also the Antarctic is expanding and when the Antarctic is cooling the Arctic is warming and vice versa. The Arctic was warmer than now between 1920 to 1940.

The BBC does even attempt to report the news it just reports its biases!

# 195 - WAR - BBC payments to guests.

From Amanda Patel's column in Saturday's Daily Mail:-

"It's taken the BBC 9 years to  accept it is totally inappropriate for Labour MP Diane Abbott , now shadow health minister, to co-star on the political programme This Week. She was getting paid up to £869 per show, of our money, to be an unapologetic champion of Labour values. How biased do you have to be before the BBC acts?"

Very biased is the short answer to Amanda's question!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

# 194 - WAR - Springwatch Guide to Seabirds.

After many years of not bothering to officially complain to the BBC, because their replies are totally evasive and non committal,  I have again this week complained about a very specific point raised on the above programme.

They claimed that seabird numbers were falling in the North Sea due to the sea temperature rising.

Now I happen to believe from what I have read that this is simply not true so I've asked them to tell me what piece of evidence they have used to make this statement. Sea temperatures have in fact NOT risen at all.

So far to my e-mail complaint I have had a reply which does not answer my specific question so I have no written and asked the same question again.

The BBC is still as bias as it ever was especially being pro Climate Change, the EU and the Left of centre in British politics.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

# 193 - WAR - BBC Business News website.

On the BBC Business news website is a guide to the causes of the Eurozone crisis. It blames the build up of debts in Spain and Italy but says it 'had noting to do with governments'.

Those at fault apparently were the private sector - companies and mortgage borrowers who took out unaffordable loans leading to a 'debt-fuelled boom.'

So the BBC Business website attaches no blame to the Greek government that cooked the books to enter the Euro or to the Spanish and Italian governments which spent money they hadn't got.

This reporting is pure 100% bias.

The BBC loves to hit the private sector if it can while parading its Guardian credentials.

# 192 - WAR - Conservative Party to monitor the BBC.

I go away fro a week and come back to the story that Iain Duncan Smith has accused the BBC's economic editor Stephanie Flanders of 'peeing all over British business'

Rather than just report the improving unemployment figures she sought to claim that there was really 'hidden unemployment lurking behind the statistics.'

So the Conservatives are going to monitor the BBC closely for bias especially up to the forthcoming conference season.

I've been doing this for years and can confirm the BBC is definately bias in its reporting. The trouble is the Conservatives don't have the bottle for the fight to prove this fact so the BBC will continue in its left of centre bias and I'll keep pointing it out. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

# 191 - WAR - Cigarette packaging.

On Radio 4 this morning we had an example of vintage and classic BBC bias.

During the am Today programme they had an item on the pros and cons of blank cigarette packaging. Meeting their requirement for unbias reporting they jointly interviewed two people a lady who argued that blank packaging would reduce the take up in smoking and a man who argued that there was no evidence of this and said packaging was simply a means to attract smokers to switch brands.

I believe they finished the news item with the lady who was pro blank packaging an age old trick the BBC frequently employ to leave the listener with the view they support!

Anyway at the News at 9am, after the Today programme had finished, they ran the item on cigarette packaging and ONLY played the clip of the lady from the earlier interview who was pro the introduction of blank packaging.

I would predict the left wing collective mind of the BBC would be in favour of the introduction of blank packaging so this news item was bias pure and simple with not even a reference to their being to sides to this story let alone a clip form the man interviewed earlier.

The BBC, with the Guardian at hand, every day works out its view on the news items of the day and then sets out to promote its view of the world.

Interestingly, as I've recorded before, the Guardian readership continues its steady decline not that listening to the BBC you would be aware of this as they continue to promote the outpourings from this very left of centre intelligentsia lead newspaper.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

# 190 - WAR - Limpiks continued!

The games aren't even over and Newsnight  on BBC 2 tonight finds time to run its first item on elitism in Olympic sports and how rowing, sailing and riding aren't open to poor kids.

What utter nonsense if the parents and schools support their children and make sacrifices then joining a rowing or sailing club is cheaper than a gym, and you don't need to own a horse to muck out at a stables and start at the bottom and work up.

How typical of the bias and very elite BBC to bang the leftwing drum for the poor's lack of participation in the Limpiks!!

How truly bias and pathetic.

PS. To prove my point of the two women Dressage Gold medal winners Charlotte Dujardin was not advantaged and Laura Bechtolsheimer was privileged. 

# 189 - WAR - The Limpiks!!

The BBC is wrong says Daniel Hannan in the Daily Mail today as the Olympics are a victory for conservative values and not multiculturalism. He points out the games are about Britishness, patriotism, family values and competitiveness.

So typically the Radio 4 presenter Evan Davis asked Boris Johnson whether the Conservatives were as comfortable as Labour supporters with the Games being a "really fantastic advert for multicultural, multiethnic Britain."

As DH says " It's a typical BBC tactic to rattle off Multi-cultural-Multi-ethnic as though it were a single word, a single concept. In fact, the Olympics Games celebrate the precise opposite of multiculturalism.

The BBC has learnt nothing and still in the main pushes the Guardian view of the world.

As I keep saying nothing will change until the license fee tax is ended.

# 188 - WAR - Lib Dims retaliate.

Have you noticed how the BBC are reporting the whole issue of the bust up in the Coalition as the Lib Dims being in the right and the Conservative party in the wrong.

It is not as simple as this apparently as the Lords reform was not actually specified in the Coalition Agreement apart from a commitment to look at the issue.

However I guess if the Tory party are  so wet they are not prepared to come out fighting then be it on thier own head.

Even so the BBC has a duty to report the facts in an unbiased way and on this issue as with so many others they have clearly come out against their old foe the Conservative party. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

#187 WAR - BBC still don't get it if they ever will.

So this is how the BBC thinks your money should be spent!

So long as the BBC is shielded from reality by the license fee they hare NEVER going to change.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

# 186 - WAR - It's always climate change at the BBC!

So on Radio 2 today Jeremy Vine had the obligatory spot as to whether our current wet weather was caused by climate change.

The sceptic was a pale imitation of a man who was incapable of challenging the blatant lies of the pro climate change person. This is a typical example of the BBC's pathetic attempt at balance.

The repeated lie that ALWAYS goes unchallenged is that the temperature is warming NOW.


In ' Heaven and Earth - global warming the science' by Ian Plimer he explains on page 86 that :-

"As with previous climate changes. the Late 20th Century Warming has not been a period of steady warming. As with previous climate changes, the evidence shows that the primary driver is a change in solar activity. There was warming from 1850-1940, cooling from 1940-1976, warming from 1976 - 1998 and cooling since 1998."

Listening to any broadcast on climate change on the BBC you would NEVER get to know this fact.

The laugh is that the BBC keeps telling us that they are always seeking to improve their broadcasting balance well they are not on climate change that is for sure.

I wonder if it is compulsory for BBC employees to sponsor a polar bear?!!*

* and I bet they aren't aware that polar bears have been so plentiful - their reported decline is yet another myth peddled by the watermelom BBC ( green on the outside and red on the inside!)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

# 185 - WAR - 148 BBC 'Stars' avoiding tax.

148 BBC 'Stars' avoiding tax -  So leads the front page of the Daily Mail today. In essence the BBC top presenters and stars are paid through 'personal service companies' which has the effect of reducing their tax bill.

Do you recall the coverage the BBC gave to the Jimmy Carr tax dodge story.


So once again the BBC shows its arrogance and proves there is one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

The BBC is quite simply not fit for purpose and needs a complete shake up and the only way to do this is to withdraw its funding via the TV licence and let it sink or swim as determined by the viewing public who could pay to view and any sponsorship they could get.

One key reform would be to tell the BBC to return to quality programme making and to leave news reporting well alone.

Of course we would need a government with the backbone to do this so for the time being the BBC's bias output will continue.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

# 184 WAR - Mark Thompson admits BBC was bias.

The BBC’s coverage of the Arab Spring has been heavily criticised – by the corporation’s bosses. Head of news Helen Boaden admitted that her journalists got carried away with events and produced ‘over-excited’ reports. She told BBC Trust that in Libya, where reporters were 'embedded' with the rebels, they may have failed to give both sides of the story properly.

So says By Paul Revoir, Daily Mail - June 27, 2012

May have failed!!!!!!

Look at the coverage of Syria now. Are they again 'embedded' in with the rebels?

The BBC never seems to learn from its mistakes and is still bias to the left of centre of British politics.

Just consider how Mark Thompson admitted the BBC was left-wing in the Thatcher era.

So has anything changed???

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

# 183 - WAR - No one predicted the Euro crash!!!!

So on the Jeremy Vine radio show yesterday he came out with the unbelievable comment that NOBODY could have predicted the current Euro troubles!!!!!!

Such a comment just proves that  the BBC operates in the same bubble as the rest of the 'Establishment' bubble.

Well many great minds like Christopher Booker and Richard North predicted it and indeed I have been saying, from its conception, that a new country called the EU with such diverse members as Spain and Sweden and Germany and Greece could NEVER work.

The north of the UK often complains that our interest rates are set for the benefit of the SE so how the hell was the Euro ever to work?

So Jeremy Vine if you took your head out of your **** and smelt the coffee you would find plenty of real Eurosceptics who KNEW that the Euro would NEVER work.

 More bias from the BBC.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

# 182 - WAR - Gay marriage.

The BBC was full of this story yesterday as the C of E was questioning the need for this as homosexuals already have Civil Ceremonies.

Despite this the BBC used phrases like "the C of E are against the efforts to LEGALISE Gay marriage."

No they are not they just say that marriage is between a man and a women with the purpose of procreation.

Gays can LEGALLY confirm their union with a Civil Ceremony yet some and it is only some want more.

A crayfish may want to be a lobster but it will ALWAYS be a crayfish - they are however both crustaceans.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

# - 181 - WAR - Diamond Jubliee coverage.

So even the veteran leftie Stephen Fry says the BBC coverage was poor.

This is NO surprise as the BBC has consistently dumbed down their reporting over the years and is also basically Republican at heart.

This is yet another reason not to pay the BBC licence.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

# 180 - WAR - 'Austerity'

At 0815 on Radio 4 Today's programme they interviewed an American Paul Krugman following his withering attack on the British government's economic policy.

When will the bias BBC interview somebody who advocates that austerity is in fact the only answer as I believe it is?

For example As Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor of Money Week, says this week :-

"There are 4 paths out of a financial crisis - rapid economic growth, massive default, high inflation (which increases nominal GDP and causes automatic deleveraging) and there is austerity.

The most common of which are infaltion and austerity with growth the least common. There is only one historical example of successful growth and that is the USA 1938 to 1943 and that didn't come from the best of sources.

So for those wondering how all this ends, history has given you something of a hint. You can't grow your way out of a financial crisis. You have to work your way out of it with austerity, inflation or a combination of both. Expect the later"

The BBC is bias in its coverage of our current economic problems favouring those who are against the cuts and austerity.

Monday, 21 May 2012

# 179 - WAR - 'Savage cuts!'

As Stephen Glover's headline in Saturday Mail's main article stated :-

" It's the daily mantra of the BBC: 'savage cuts' are bleeding Britain to death. In fact this is the great lie of our age - public spending is HIGHER than under Labour."

The BBC constantly allows Ed Milliband and Ed Balls to get away with their repeated mantra 'that the Tories are cutting to too fast and too far' and yet even basic analysis shows that the Coalition has cut very little and OVERALL government expenditure has gone up.

The bias BBC gave up reporting the real news along time ago and just panders to the left wing Establishment.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

# 178 - WAR - BBC 2 - The Great Euro Crisis.

I watched the BBC2 show last night presented by Michael Portillo, the supposed Eurosceptic, and noticed that the BBC had clearly clipped his wings as the programme came out clearly for the Euro with no serious analysis that as a political project the 'Euro Elite' may wish it to work but it has NO chance.

The REAL choice is between a lot of pain now as the PIIGS are asked to leave the Euro and a great deal more pain if the Eurocrats keep trying to stick plasters over the cracks.

History teaches us that no central currency can EVER work without political union and it is clear the people of Europe won't allow that to happen without a big fight.

Things are going to get nasty before they get better - but don't expect the bias BBC to report such things.

Monday, 7 May 2012

# 177 - WAR - BBC - show bias in London Mayrol election coverage.

Below exract is taken from :-

Current polls for the London Mayoral elections are quite revealing. The major parties – Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are naturally standing candidates – as well as The Green Party, UKIP, BNP and a number of independents and small parties.
Firstly, bear in mind that by current polling figures, UKIP is expected to poll around 3% of the vote - around exactly that of the Greens.
So you’d expect that the BBC would be giving coverage to these parties more or less equally, right? I did some snuffling around using Google and found the following facts.
However it is entirely in keeping with the BBC's Guardian view point that they would give more coverage to the 'socialist' Green Party over the 'rightwing' UKIP.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

# 176 - WAR - 2 more bits of BBC bias.

1. Emily Maitlis on Newsnight on Monday ended with this question to a NF French MEP - " So you are a Holocaust denier......." to which he replied " You are completely wrong about that I was cleared by a court on that count."

So why did she ask the question?

IMO just so the BBC can keep wearing the mantle of purger of the extreme right.

2. Steven Glover in the Daily Mail today points out that if you listened to the BBC coverage on the Housing Benefit (HB) issue you would assume HB had been cut when in fact it has gone up!

 When is the BBC going to report the facts that the government CUTS to total government spending haven't yet happened?

The trouble with being INSTITUTIONALLY bias and a general supporter of the Establishment is that until the BBC loses its licence fee they will NEVER have to face reality and can continue to live in the world of their own making aided and abetted by the Guardian.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

# 175 - WAR - French General Election coverage.

On the news at 10 tonight on BBC1 the coverage of the GE included a piece on the far right and far left.
Both had shots of their respective leaders making speeches from their platflorms but only one of the two had an interview with an English speaking french person.

Who do you think the interviewee was from the left or right???

Of course she was from the LEFT with the extract used including a good old left's bashing of the rich!!

This is how the BBC subtly imposes its bias on us all.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

#174 - WAR - BBC 1 Country File.

I'm sure even dumbed down as it is the BBC likes to consider Country File on BBC 1, on Sunday night, as a factual programme that gives us the FACTS.

Well tonight the first half of the hour long programme covered the topic of wind farms in this country and of course treated the subject as a given that they are necessary. The only issue they covered on the down side, to attempt to provide some balance, was whether the VISUAL IMPACT of wind farms was a problem.

So the bias BBC, which undoubtedly is on the side of the Establishment in supporting wind farms, doesn't ask the real question which is :-


The trouble is if they covered this subject they would have to interview those of us who KNOW they do NOT work.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

# 173 -WAR - Big Brother -continued........

Richard North continues to point out how the Main Stream Media are ignoring the EU elephant in the room, as they usually do, with regards this recent discussion about the new Government policy to monitor all electronic communications traffic.

The bias, dumbed down and pro Establishment BBC is following the herd and blathering on about civil liberties and trying to portray the Government as being over the top on this issue.

The real scandal is that this Government, being a signed up member of the EU, has no choice in this matter and, as with so much else, has to do what the EU tells it.

Still we know as a fact the BBC is bias in favour of the EU which is compounded because they receive soft loans from the EU so are not expected to give the EU a hard time. 

Monday, 2 April 2012

# 172 - WAR - Teenage boy kills mother with hammer.

This was covered in the 6 pm news on Radio 4 without ANY analysis of the obvious point that the murderer admitted that he was influenced by TV story lines.

Given the BBC's Eastenders is now full of violent story lines is it any wonder the BBC would wish to stay clear of opening this topic up to debate and discussion.

So no surprise that this is another example of  bias and selective reporting by the BBC.

# 171 - WAR - E-mail monitoring.

On Radio 4 this morning there was a lengthy news item about the Government's plans to seek major changes to our surveillance laws which will give the government the power to monitor email exchanges and website visits of every person in the UK.

Richard North in the link below points out the highly probable connection between this move by the Government and the need for us to comply with an EU Regulation.

The BBC, who receive soft loans from the EU, of course made NO mention of this.

More bias from the BBC.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

# 170 - WAR - The petrol crisis.

The lead story on the 11am news on Radio 2 today was on the petrol crisis with just one 20 second comment from a Labour MP who was asking for Francis Maude's resignation for his 'reckless' suggestion that people fill up the odd jerrycan just in case. His comments were made on the back of the person who caused a fire in her kitchen trying to decant petrol from one container to another.

The bias and dumbing down I see in this report is firstly the desire by the BBC to join in the populist stories rather than raise thier sights to news that is more worthy and secondly that they are always happy to give a Labour MP the platform and chance to criticise the Tories however shallow and absurb the reason.

The BBC is incapable of change because its bias is INSTITUTIONAL and nobody in Westminster is brave enough to point this out.

Westminster needs more INDEPENDENTS to break the hold of the LibLabCon who under their colours are all just Social Democrats with a strong emphasis on the Socialist traditions of this political movement.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

# 169 - WAR - The BBC and the Budget.

Wouldn't it be nice if the BBC's coverage of the budget could be serious and not majoring on the populist line that Pensioners will no longer receive a larger personal income tax allowance than people of working age.

I see another gimmick is their 'Budget Calculator'  which panders to the lowest common denominator.

A long time ago the BBC left the high road to compete on the low road of populist broadcasting.

The BBC should be unashamedly elitist and set the bar to raise broadcasting standards and to provide the public with a service that educates and entertains.

However what we have in the current BBC is a dumbed down broadcaster which is indistinguishable from the rest.

Friday, 2 March 2012

# 168 - WAR - Paxman's Empire!

James Delingpole (JD) give Paxman's new Television series 'Empire', based on his new book of the same name, an interesting review in this weeks Spectator.

I watched the first series and saw straight away that the BBC's agenda was clearly to portray the Empire's faults rather than its benefits.

JD points out how in one scene Paxman sitting in the Gezira Sporting Club in Cairo watching croquet  asks an elderly Egyptian gentleman dressed in a western style " We weren't all bad, were we?" to which  the Egyptian replies he thinks we were all bad!

As JD points out had they wanted to the programme producers could have surely found someone at the club with a different view.

But that is not the BBC's agenda which wishes to portray the Empire in this modern PC world as being exploitative and bad.

For the 25 odd years I have been monitoring the BBC this bias, with interviewees, is something they have employed on a regular basis.

For example on a news item about Margaret Thatcher you can guarentee that if 3 people are interviewed 2 will be against her and all importantly the last interviewee will be the most anti thus leaving the viewer with the anti Thatcher comments ring in their ears.

When the BBC use this bias it is a constant reminder that NOTHING has changed at the BBC and that it is still institutionally bias.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

# 167 -WAR - BBC bias over Workfare programme.

The blog 'biased-bbc' covers this well in the link below:-

It was amusing yesterday when they were once again discussing the above on The Jeremy Vineshow on Radio 2 when amazingly they allowed on a member of the public who pointed out the bias on Newsnight over the 5 days of last week.

Jeremy vine spluttered out that he was sure Kirsty Wark had not been bias as the BBC was always balanced!!!!!

Once again it is clear the surety of the licence fee allows the BBC to carry on in its own left-wing bubble.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

# 166 - WAR - New Political Editor - BBC 2 Newsnight..

So last night on Newsnight Jeremy Paxman introduced us to the new Political Editor of Newsnight.

It was sad to note the apparent Political Correctness of the appointment?

Do you think it likely that it was the ex-Political Editor of the Daily Mail?

You are right - NO CHANCE!!!

The post has gone to Allegra Stratton ex- Political Editor of the Guardian!!

And the BBC's political correctness goes on as her first assignment was a one to interview with the disgraced MP for Yeovil David Laws.

This is a man one senses the BBC would love to see back in government and will try and do their little bit to help rehabilitate him.

The BBC won't see any of this as they are and remain INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS despite constantly telling us they are reforming.

Daily evidence shows the BBC is not reforming and never will so long they are funded by the licence fee and soft loans from the EU.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

# 165 - WAR - Kelvin MacKenzie on BBC reporting.

In the Saturday Daily Mail (the much hated newspaper of lefties) Kelvin MacKenzie digs into a BBC news report on unemployment.

On R4's PM programme this week on a gloom-ridden report on unemployment they interviewed  a council worker called Alison.

Alison explained she was 55 single and been unemployed for a year since being made redundant from Eastleigh Council Hampshire.

However Kelvin decided to do some digging behind the report and it turns out the majority of Eastleigh Council redundancies were VOLUNTARY.

The council would not answer Kelvins 2 questions:-

1. How much did she earn and what was her pay off?

2. What was the size of her final salary pension scheme?

She apparently said she was looking for work in an Admin capacity but had an issue about travelling!

Kelvin asks " If I had covered the story for PM my version would have sounded very different from the one that was broadcast. Which one would have given he more accurate picture of Alison's life? Mine or the increasingly left-wing BBC."

Well done Kelvin but I have to tell you the BBC has been INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS  for years but I'm sure he knows that.

# 164 - WAR - Quentin Letts for DG of the BBC!

I see in the Spectator this week that Quentin Letts gives us his Manifesto for the BBC's top job.

He lists 17 common sense things he would do if given the job and I'll list just two of them:-

1. Only take 10% of the existing salary of £650,000. So he would do the job for £65,000 or the same amount, as he points out, as a backbench MP.

2. He points out the BBC always insists it is not left-wing but he asks "does anyone believe that?" He goes on "It is about as balanced as George Best on a unicycle! It has badly lost the trust of the Conservative party, particularly on Europe and in its attitude to the deficit. BBC producers reliably regard government spending as a good thing. NO it ain't"

So Quentin Letts hits the nail on the head that the BBC needs a dose of a right-wing influence to try and help it kick the habit of recent years of being a bag carrier for the left.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

# 163 -WAR - Spendthrift and Alarmist BBC.

1. Spendthrift - I read in the Daily Mail today, that the BBC spent £4million laying off staff as a result of the costly and pointless move to Salford and yet then continued to employ nearly half of those they had given nearly £57,000 redundancy to.

You couldn't make this up could you.

It is beyond parody it is simply a disgrace.

2. Alarmist - So the BBC News at Ten tonight reports a 'Record' rise in unemployment. The BBC news is shallow and populist and has long ago given up on giving serious analysis to such issues. If they did break a habit of a life time and report on unemployment is a serious and unbias way they would have to say that given the economic climate unemployment is sadly a price that is paid by the least well off and that it is bound to rise given the lesson of history.

The BBC's natural left wing tendencies are always on display when reporting on unemployment.

So yet more evidence that the INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS BBC is still unreformed despite the pronouncements of the BBC's management.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

# 162 - WAR - The BBC is not helping the economy.

Check out the above.

I totally agree with James Delingpole the BBC clearly relishes any negative story it can run on our economy.

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind if the BBC did point out that George Osborne has as yet NOT cut anything and is still running a monthly deficit which increases the overall National Debt but that wouldn't fit the BBC's agenda, in tune with New Labour, that this coalition is not doing enough for growth.

If the BBC wants to really report the facts behind this financial crisis they would need to point out that the worse is yet to come and sadly we are going to have to go through a depression before things get better and the ONLY answer is that real cuts have to happen.

Friday, 10 February 2012

# 161 - WAR - Older women presenters.

So the Director General Mark Thompson openly admits that his BBC has been guilty of age discrimination especially with regards women.

This just proves how much of a law unto itself the BBC is.

It is supposed to operate within its Royal Charter and report in an unbiased way but as many of us know it doesn't and yet the laws of the land say you can not discrimated agianst somebody based on age and yet the BBC openly has been.

How is that for gold plated hypocracy.

Monday, 6 February 2012

# 160 -WAR - BBC hypocrisy over pay.

Whenever the BBC covers any story on excessive pay I feel they should immediately declare a conflict of interests!

BBC Executives have some of the highest salaries, bonuses and generous pension arrangements which they justify saying they are based on the market rate.

However there is no competitor to the way the BBC is funded so a market rate doesn't exist!

Also some of their most highly paid staff are freelance which means they can be paid in the most tax-efficient way possible and not via PAYE.

John Birt for example when Director General was found to be freelance.

This little bit of detail about the bias BBC tells you all you need to know about the organisation.

The BBC should change their motto to "Do as I say but not as I do"

Thursday, 2 February 2012

# 159 - WAR - BBC and its financial loans.

As I read in the Telegraph today the BBC has admitted in a letter to a Tory MP that it has received nearly £3 million in grant money from the EU over the past four years.
Other grants totalling £16 million came from local authorities and the money was spent on "research and development projects".
The broadcaster also disclosed that its commercial arm 'BBC Worldwide' borrowed over £141 million from the European Investment Bank since 2003 and £30 million of that figure is still due to be repaid by the end of May this year.
These figures are disclosed in the commercial arm’s annual report, while the BBC's annual report does not make clear where the grant money comes from.

Does anyone seriously believe that these loans won't influence the reporting in the BBC.

Monday, 30 January 2012

# 158 - WAR - £670,000 and a puerile defination of capitalism.

1. £670,000 is the salary of the soon to be departing Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson. All this money to a man who during his tenure has admitted the BBC is bias but has not stopped this trend  on subjects as diverse as State spending, Europe, Immigration and Climate Change.

2.Capitalism - On Radio 4 this morning Paul Mason, who has just written a book 'Meltdown - The end to the age of greed' was allowed to get away with the ridiculous that the trouble with capitalism is that it is run by the rich for the rich. This sort of over simplification of a serious issue is puerile and lowers the standard of debate to the lowest common denominator - however this is now what the bias BBC excels at.

The BBC is bias and dumbed down and will never be reformed while the public pick up the tab via the licence fee.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

#157 - WAR - Hain on Blair and Gibralter, Mandleson on Globalisation and UK's GDP growth rate.

1. Blair Hain and Gibralter - So various papers have covered the story, in Peter Hain's new memoirs, that to curry favour with the EU Blair was prepared to offer the Spanish dual control of Gibralter and yet not a squeak from the BBC on this story. How differently the BBC still treat Margaret Thatcher even 30 odd years after she left power. The BBC never miss a chance to cover any story about her especially if they are able to portray her in a bad light.

Just imagine for a moment if a recent revelation showed Mrs T in a poor light over say the sinking of the Belgrano - do you honestly believe the BBC wouldn't have covered it!?

The BBC and Blair are like siblings joined at the hip and the BBC hates to show up one of its own.

2. Mandleson on Globalisation - Talk about a contrast to yesterdays interview with IDS when Evan Davis interviewed Peter Mandleson this morning. Evan Davis couldn't even bring himself to mention Mandleson's quote about not caring about how rich some people became. However Mandleson was given plenty of time to explain the full context of his much quoted saying with of course NO interruptions at all. Talk about a soft interview but then Mandleson like Blair and even Alistair Campbell are all BBC siblings and will always be given an easy ride.

What makes the BBC's sycophantic handling of Mandleson so bias is that here is a man who was FOR joining the Euro and as such is totally discredited.

3. UK's GDP growth rate - Of course the BBC covered this as the lead story, as they always do when the figure come out, and as usual put the worse spin on the figures they could. I was intrigued how the Boss of the one firm they selected to interview in Doncaster, that made some gadget for helicopters, said words to the effect of " I don't want to lose staff but if things get worse I would have to consider closing!" Surely he should shed a few staff to help keep his business going but the BBC reporter let his comment pass. As a decidedly pro EU point the last comment was made that this firm exported to the EU - So what as they would still export to the EU even if we left!!

So there you have it once again more subtle bias from the BBC.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

# 156 - WAR - 1.Private detectives and 2. Evan Davis.

1. Private detectives - So we learn today the BBC spent £310,000 on 230 occasions over a 6 year period on private detectives. I would have thought they had enough investigative journalists but then the licence fee tax keeps pouring in and the BBC keeps spending it as they please. The BBC is a complete law unto itself and the only way to cut it down to size is to get rid of the licence fee.

2. Evan Davis - The Radio 4 presenter, who is often mentioned in the same breath as being the man with the genital pearcing, is also like most BBC reporters bias to his finger tips.
This morning he interviewed Ian Duncan-Smith, and as Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail says today, he was treated like a war criminal and goes on:-

"It was a disgraceful piece of partisan political posturing by a supposedly impartial presenter"

But Evan will have please his masters as there is clearly an unwritten rule (or quite possibly a written rule!) which instructs BBC reporters to :-

1. Read the Guardian every day and adopt its line on any given issue.
2. Automatically give right wing types a much harder time than left wingers.

The BBC continues its daily bias and I now believe will NEVER change of its own accord.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

# 155 -WAR - The BBC avoids criticism of the EU.

I haven't posted for a while but that does not mean that the BBC hasn't been continuing its daily outpourings of bias!!

We all know the BBC receives 'soft' loans from the EU and supports the Establishment line that the EU is generally a good thing and so they always try and avoid being too critical.

So it is no surprise, with these three recent stories below, that their coverage has been scant.

1. French breast implants - These French implants had the EU approved CE mark and so the responsibility for thier failure must fall with Brussels and the French but you wouldn't think so listening to the BBC.

2. HS2 High speed rail link -  again regardless of its advantags or not the main plank of this project is as an extension of a pan-European high speed rail link up. In just the same way that on certain Brussels maps our roads are renumbered to link up with our European partners so it is that the London -Birmingham link is part of an EU rail project. Again no mention from the BBC to my knowledge.

3. French lose Triple A grade -  So the French are downgraded to AA+  and yet I have seen little of this fact on the BBC - why not?

So there you have it - While anyone branded 'Institutionally racist' has to change their attitude tout de suite the 'Institutionally bias' BBC just ploughs on with its outpourings of bias.