Thursday, 31 March 2016

# 399 - war - Can we still trust the BBC?

I have just finished an excellent book by Robin Aitken called ' Can we still trust the BBC?'

On the back cover of the book it says:-

"Robin Aitken is a former BBC correspondent who spent 25 years at the Corporation. Starting in local radio he worked across a range of BBC radio and television programmes ending his career on the Today programme. He has an intimate understanding of the BBC and brings unique insight into its workings."

I highly recommend that anyone interested in the issue of whether the BBC is bias reads this very easy to read 242 page book.

Robin Aitken hopes that there are some recent signs that some things have improved but to
my mind there is absolutely no doubt, with what I already know and the evidence he presents, that the answer to the question posed in the title of his book is a resounding - NO.   

Monday, 28 March 2016

# 398 -war - Climate Change bias.

On Radio 4's Life Scientific programme last week the Environmental Scientist Carolyn Roberts was interviewed about flooding. She was clearly a supporter of climate change and there was no attempt at balance as she repeated the regularly spouted falsehoods that the temperature and sea levels are rising.

Now the BBC argue that one programme on its own may not be balanced but over time  balance is achieved by the inclusion of other points of views.

This is a BBC lie.

As I explained in post #359 below when the reporter Quentin Letts took a light hearted swipe at the Met Office in his series of programmes titled "What is the point of ....." it was removed from the BBC I player after a handful of 'environmentalists' complained of the programmes bias.

The BBC is not balanced, even over time, on three key issues - climate change, the EU and a bias towards the socially liberal left of British politics.

# 397 - war - Local BBC DJ hits the nail on the head.

Martin Kelner, who has worked for the BBC Leeds since the mid 80's, was sacked last week, without warning, when he was informed in a casual chat after his show that the station was moving in a different direction and his contract was not going to be renewed.

Being on the inside his views are very interesting and relevant and here a selection of what he said on his blog about BBC management:-

" gutless brainless managers who contribute nothing to what goes on air"

"Local radio is underfunded* and over managed by meddling bosses"

* Personally I would save money by withdrawing the BBC form local radio and leave this area to the commercial stations.

BBC Leeds management are "clueless, spineless, charmless, gutless brainless and pointless"

The BBC should strip away " meddlesome, ineffectual audience-losing management"

He also pointed out how David Holdsworth controller of English Regions earns £166,000 and Pat Loughrey, former BBC director of nations and region,s was paid £300,000 a year until he was ousted in 2009 with a pay off of £866,000. The BBC has since capped redundancy pay at £150,000.

On the other hand Martin Kelner was paid on a free lance basis at £190 for each of his three hour weekend shows. He will be paid until the end of his contract in May but receive no further payoff.

Insiders who leave the BBC nearly always testify to the huge amounts of mismanagement and financial waste at the corporation.

# 396 - war - Pro EU bias.

Although I have not posted for a while it goes without saying that the BBC continues its pro EU bias in a variety of subtle ways often by ending the EU news story with the comment from a 'Remainer' rather than a 'Leaver'.

One individual piece of analysis concerns BBC 2's Newsnight programme which out of 40 editions, between Jan 13th to March 11th, when interviewing on a one to one basis had 12 Remain individuals compared to six Leave. On an overall basis during the same time period the programme clocked up 25 Remain to 14 Leave.

This is called interview bias in favour of the EU.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

# 395 - war - The Liberal delusion.

I have nearly a finished a fascinating book called 'The LIBERAL delusion' by John Marsh with the subtitle ' The roots of our current moral crisis.'

In it he points out how our society is being damaged as the 'intellectual socially liberal' elite force through their  liberalising agenda on so many aspects of our lives.

The BBC quite rightly comes in for much stick as the flag bearer for these liberals and on page 125 I was interested to learn that George Orwell based the Ministry of Truth, in his book Nineteen Eighty-four, from his time at the BBC.

In 1948 George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-four as a forewarning of  the dangers of totalitarianism and it is not commonly reported just how totalitarian liberals are today in forcing through their 'agenda' which so often achieves the complete opposite of what they want. For example they profess to want to help the poor but their liberal policies actually damage them.

When the history books are written the BBC will justifiably come in for a great deal of criticism for promoting a very one sided liberal view of the world and showing little to no balance for any alternative view points.

I cannot recommend the book too highly and it really is a must read if you want to make sense of world in which we live and why, for our future well being, we have to expose and defeat social liberalism which, far from being the answer to all things, is actually the root of all our ills.    


# 394 - war - Andrew Marr today.

Andrew Marr didn't interrupt the German Chancellor ONCE while he CONTINUALLY talked over and interrupted Boris Johnson.

The first wants to keep us in the EU and the other wants us to leave.

This is BBC bias, pure and simple, and what is really frustrating is that without a mass boycott of the licence fee there is precious little you and I can do about it as the BBC is a law unto itself as it has been for many years now.

My observations about the pro BBC bias over its reporting of the EU is well supported by this article from the Express.