Wednesday, 28 August 2013

# 250 - WAR - Climate Change, Badgers and Fracking.

1. Climate Change

On Life Scientific on Radio 4 on at 9.00am on Tuesday morning professor Joanna Haigh was allowed to exhort that with the odd wobble the temperature is continuing to rise. Well the facts are that since 1998 the temperature has fallen slightly - that is some wobble I'd say.

But then as the enlightened know and see the BBC clearly supports the Climate Change agenda from the various Green lobbies.

2. Badgers

The BBC bagder coverage is bias in favour of Brock.

However I would heartly contend that had the BBC reported, when covering the topic of the culling of badgers, that anything from 500,000 to 1,000,000 deer are culled every year and that the increase in badgers has directly lead to to a decrease in hedgehogs the whole story over the past fews years would have been seen in a different light and the vocal Green lobby could have been made to look ridiculous.

At least the BBC have covered that culls in Australia, New Zealand and Canada have worked.

3. Fracking

Again jugding by the airtime given to the professional protestors at Balcombe, West Sussex it is clear the BBC is NOT being even handed. A huge part of the story completely missed by the BBC is that the Green Lobbying industry in Brussels is campaigning to try and get the EU to make fracking in the EU practically impossible. The reason that the Green lobby are pushing for this is because virtually all they stand for would go up in smoke if fracking was allowed to flourish.

Personally if the Green lobby is against fracking I'm for it big time. As I see it NOTHING used or involved in fracking is not already found on our planet and as to 'stuff'' getting into out water supplies I would have thought if this ever happened the various filter systems of our Water Boards would pick this up.

Monday, 12 August 2013

# 249 - WAR - Report confirms BBC is bias!

I have been saying this for years.

I've been critically observing the BBC for years and noted the bias to the left - now a report confirms this with statistics.

Clearly I'm not surprised as on any given day a simple analysis of the BBC's output will show the following:-

1. Guardian quoted more than any other paper.
2. Right wingers given 'harder' interviews to left wingers.
3. Negative attitude to government 'CUTS' (if only they were cutting!)
4. More interviews and presentations from left wing think tanks etc
5.More interviews with left leaning members of the public.
6. Too ready to knock the bankers and the rich. ( what a cheek from the rich privileged BBC!)

The BBC IS Institutionally bias and will remain so until the licence fee goes.