Saturday, 25 October 2014

# 328 - WAR - Newsnight has lost the plot.

Newsnight has been losing viewers for some time so the BBC's answer is not to maintain QUALITY but to DUMB DOWN further.

The first move was a new editor Ian Katz and yes you guessed it straight from the loss making  Guardian :-

"Ian Katz is a South-African born British journalist who is the editor of the Newsnight current affairs programme on BBC Two. Earlier Katz followed a career in print journalism, and was previously a deputy editor of The Guardian until 2013. Wikipedia"
Next they replace Paxman with Evan Davis and now run a very silly advert to encourage viewers to watch it.
The result is last night  we get a 10 minute feature on Ebola and a 17 minute slot for Russell Brand to rant on while promoting his juvenile book on revolution.
Newsnight is no longer a 'Flagship' programme but a dumbed down typical BBC programme attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
This seems like another good reason along with the bias not to pay your TV licence.  

Thursday, 16 October 2014

# 327 - WAR - The BBC show it has learnt NOTHING.

In march 2012 the BBC decided to rename a wing at Broadcasting House after John Peel who died in 2004 with a commemorative blue plaque.

However this idea was shelved after it was revealed John Peel had and admitted to having sex with under aged girls on BBC premise.

Now only two years later the BBC are apparently resurrecting he idea of naming the wing after John Peel.

Despite being a national treasure John Peel undoubtedly had unusual sexual preferences and as a result is NOT really the sort of chap who show be honoured in this way by the BBC.

The BBC is showing NO contrition in this case and it proves that they have learnt nothing from the past and isn't remotely sorry for what it did.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

#326 - WAR - A bias Question Time audience.

Question Time this Thursday, the 9th October, came from Clacton-on-sea where by any standards of balance there should have been a fairly large chunk of the audience who were UKIP supporters.

However at around 17.39 minutes into the programme Dimbleby ask the audience to raise their hands if they are supporters or members of UKIP. I could only see, at best,  around 3 hands raised.

This BBC bias at its most insidious best.

I don't, and can see no reason why citing bias anyone need fear not paying their TV licence.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

# 325 - WAR - BBC admit racist slur had NO substance in fact.

Alasdair Gennie who is the TV correspondent for the Daily Mail reports today that:-

"BBC chiefs accepted yesterday that producers had made a huge mistake in a children's programme by claiming that Florence Nightingale was 'racist'.

This arose in the BBC's programme Horrible Histories when it showed Florence Nightingale as turning down four job applications from Jamaican born Miss Seacole saying that the nursing work was for 'British girls' only.

The Nightingale  Society made a complaint and the BBC Trust has now ruled that the two minute 34 second depiction was inaccurate.

This is SO typical of the BBC's bias agenda in which it pushes its 'Guardianist' agenda with little to no concerns for the truth.

This is nothing short of a scandal because this isn't just making a 'bias nuance' but actually setting out, with NO proof, to distort the facts.

This is of course why I don't pay my TV licence and will continue to refuse until the BBC starts to report in an un-bias way as laid down by its Royal Charter.