Tuesday, 21 February 2012

# 166 - WAR - New Political Editor - BBC 2 Newsnight..

So last night on Newsnight Jeremy Paxman introduced us to the new Political Editor of Newsnight.

It was sad to note the apparent Political Correctness of the appointment?

Do you think it likely that it was the ex-Political Editor of the Daily Mail?

You are right - NO CHANCE!!!

The post has gone to Allegra Stratton ex- Political Editor of the Guardian!!

And the BBC's political correctness goes on as her first assignment was a one to interview with the disgraced MP for Yeovil David Laws.

This is a man one senses the BBC would love to see back in government and will try and do their little bit to help rehabilitate him.

The BBC won't see any of this as they are and remain INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS despite constantly telling us they are reforming.

Daily evidence shows the BBC is not reforming and never will so long they are funded by the licence fee and soft loans from the EU.

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